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True TDC on Evo 8(4G64)

How to Degree a Cam

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Engine specs:

Evo 8

4g64 block

4g63 head

GSC S3 cams

GSC Springs and Retainers

AEM Cam Gears

English racing oil pump underdrive pulley.

Watching your "How to degree a cam" videos and I'm a bit confused on actually finding true TDC.

When you bring piston 1 to TDC using a dial gauge to find the zero point. You used the number number 0.05 to find the degree number on the degree wheel(both directions), why are you using 0.05? is this a universal measurement?

Where on the valve spring are you putting the dial gauge? Is it on the lowest part of the retainer or highest part of the retainer?

BTW true TDC is half a tooth away with 64 block and 63 head combination if 4g63 cams are used - I'm sure you know it...