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Valve Lash when setting up

How to Degree a Cam

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I have a Skunk2 Tuner 1 set of cams and on the cam card it lists the specs with 0 lash. VTEC is locked on cylinder 1 and it's valve lash is 0. Should the other cylinders have 0 lash as well or have it set to the manufacturer spec?

I'm not too familiar with the cmshafts, and not too sure what you mean? It would help if you could post, or link to, the specific camshaft's spec's.

"Usually" zero lash is just for checking the timing is correct, and/or is for hydraulic followers/lifters which I don't believe that engine uses? There should be a 'lash' clearance specified on the cam' card, which should be used to actually run the engine.

Hi Gord. I've attached a section of the cam card. It lists the specs of the intake and exhaust at 0.000" lash. I presume that when I'm about to start the cam degree process I should have no valve clearance on cylinder 1. And since I'm only measuring on cylinder 1 I won't have to worry about the valve lashes on the other cylinders?

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I really dislike the way manufacturers specify things like "0 lash", because that can be very difficult to accurately set - I can't see using a 1 or 2 thou' gauge to set " lash" will be a concern - others may disagree, though?

Yes, you only need to do #1 cylinder - others would work, but #1 is the simplest - because the setting will be for all the valve train.

On the card it has "tappet clearance" - this is what you chaps call "lash", and is what you'll set the clearances to when the camshaft has been timed.

I don't know why but tappet clearance has a better ring to it than lash. But thank you Gord for your help!

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