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Hi everyone I´m complaining about something. I have been learning a lot with HPA long time, but I feel like to tune some late model cars like BMW, Audi, VW I must own one to learn about the software and how the ECU from a brand works with reflashing. Are there some tuners of these marks that can answer this, please? Is this necessary?

Well you are not wrong, you need to know the "architecture" (as I like to call it) of an ECU to know how to tune it. How the tables interacts with each others. You need to do thorough research and depending what you want to achieve as a tuner, invest a good amount of time into reading and learning. You don't have to own that particular car, but having friends or loyal customers that trust you so you can do some research and apply the knowledge learned here is definitely an important step as well. Just remember to keep a copy of the stock tune so you can revert to it if necessary.

Some well established company like COBB have great online tuning guides for the platform they support. Some open source software like ECU Flash have online forums with user that are willing to help you. HP Tuners have a good support team. I've heard good things of MHD for BMWs.

Finally, some of the reflashing package manufacturer allows you to download tunes (like the tune repository on HP Tuners forum) so you can play with it if you don't have access to the car. Of course, you won't be able to see the outcome of your changes without flashing it into an ECU, but you'll see what tables you have access to.

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