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Potential damage caused by hub dyno

Introduction to Engine Tuning

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Hi all-

I've heard from some tuners that hub dyno might cause damage on high hp awd cars such as a >1000whp GTR. I know that dynojet is driven by a belt front to back to minimize load on the drivetrain. Is it true that hub dyno like dynapack or mainline can put additional wear on differentials and potentially damage them during the tuning process? If so, what's a safe level before disconnecting the driveshaft to make it 2wd just to get the tuning part done? Thanks!

Share your examples. I've never heard of this issue. If I was concerned at all, I would remove the driveshaft and just do 2WD tuning (as you've already identified as an option).

Depends, as I understand the hub's operation, the shaft rpm is syncronised so each axle will be loaded as required for that rpm. If there's a diff' between the axles the torque would be expected to be different, to counter the slippage that would otherwise occur, if there's no diff' they may be loaded evenly and if the front's axle is weaker there may be a problem - but there may be an option to have a different fixed percentage front to back?

With rollers they are usually locked together, forcing the 'road' speed to be the same for all tyres (assuming the rollers are the same size, etc) and this would seem to be better - but if the tyre's diameters are different, that will try and rotate them at slightly different speeds, unevenly stressing the axles.

Thanks for all the relies! I'm trying to decide which kind of dyno to purchase since many tuning schools use hub dyno exclusively including HPA. I know all the pros and cons compared to a conventional roller dyno, just wondering if there's a concern when it comes to big power AWD cars. The only examples I know is some high power GTR/EVO in China using known brand hub dyno mentioned above on all 4 corners.

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