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Hi Andre

I have a Mazda 323 with a Familia gtx wiring harness and ViPec plug in ecu and in regards to the 2 step launch control activation switch, what type of switch would you use and how would that be wired in to the ecu?

I've used a variety of switches over the years with reasonable success. One of the easiest options is to replace the adjustable stop for the clutch pedal with a brake light switch. These are available from most auto parts retailers very cheaply. I've had a few instances where the thread was the same and it was literally a case of removing the stock stopper and screwing in the brake light switch. In other cases it may require drilling and tapping.

This will give you a switch at the top of the clutch pedal though so as referenced in the course, this may not be ideal. I've also used microswitches mounted off the clutch pedal assembly which can then be more easily adjusted to switch at any point you like.

Wiring is simply a case of running the switch to a spare digital input, and the other side to a sensor 0V. You will need to enable the pullup resistor so that the ECU can tell the difference when the switch is on or off.

I suggest caution with launching a Mazda GTX. They aren't known for the strength of their gearbox and drivetrains!

Thanks for the reply Andre, as I said I have a Mazda 323 I just converted to turbo using the familia wiring harness I'm actually running a Toyota mr2 turbo gearbox to cope with the power.

Ah that should be a little more reliable :)