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2 Step Automatic Transmission

Launch Control

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I have a Link G4 Storm, and i've been playing around with the anti-lag settings, currently i'm running latched for rolling antilag through a DI button on my dashboard, Can i utilise this same switch to trigger Single Launch RPM with an Automatic Transmission at about 3000rpm to build more boost than transbraking alone?

Hello you can assign the di for that or add another to activate it no problem at all

the help file pretty much talks you though it step by step

Yeah, i wasn't too sure how it would work, as being an automatic ideally the 2-step/single launch is used with a clutch switch, but as i don't have that, i was just wanting to see if i could swap the Digital Input 4 - GP Input i'm using for latched launch rpm for single launch, if that makes sense?

You cant have latched launch and single launch mode active at the same time in G4 or G4+, it only lets you set up one or the other. There are workarounds to get both however. Do you want both latched and 2 step or are you saying you only want 2 step now?

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