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2 step LC w/ AUTO TRANS

Launch Control

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I'm looking to 2 step my 2010 chevy cobalt using the n2mb wot box and my hp tuners, I've seen that the clutch switch can be ran to the pedal brake or hand brake, I have substantial bolt ons, and a custome tune from zzp, any advice or tips to make this function properly or recommended hardware to accompany or replace the n2mb box would be appreciated

It's not a product that I've used before so I can't speak from personal experience. A quick google suggests it's a universal system and an educated guess would be that it just interrupts the trigger to the ignition coils to generate an ignition cut. I can't see any reason why you would have trouble with this system running in line with HP Tuners.

I tried to use the WOT box last year on my rzr hooked up the brake pedal and it would not work properly. I had to run it through a relay to a momentary switch to activate it properly. Not sure if you're vehicle will be different but the guys at n2mb helped me figure out the wiring to use it that way.

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