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2jz - Transbrake building power and boost

Launch Control

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I am running a 2jz with an 80mm turbo and a th400

up to now I have been running Ethanol and been successful in getting the car to get up to launch control rpm at 5000rpm by using a 75hp shot of nitrous

I am now working on switching to Methanol , I have tuned my car on the dyno and made 1250whp

But I am not able to get it up to launch control rpm , it starts to build boost and goes up to about 4300-4500rpm and then rpm goes down again but it still seems to keep on building boost and then in the end it just chokes

I have tried more timing , less timing richer and leaner afr's but without any real luck

Next thing I am thinking about trying is going to a 100hp shot.

attached is a log from when I made a few attempts on getting to launch control

My ems is Haltech

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Your last attempt, when the Lambda was in the .81 - .85 range, and Launch RPM was 4800 seemed to be the most successful, as it got to the target RPM, and the Boost held steady just slightly above your 1.2 bar target (was 1.38 bar).

I would say the engine wants to see Lambda above 0.80 when transbrake is active and reving to the Launch Control final RPM.

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