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2JZGTE VVTi Break Up

Launch Control

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I’m currently running an ECUMaster EMU Black on a 2JZGTE VVTi, stock 440cc injectors, stock wasted spark ignition, Borg Warner S362SXE Single Turbo. Free revving is absolutely perfect. Normal Driving is fine as well. Once I begin to put a load on the engine to build boost and power, it begins to break up and not pull through the RPM Band for a smooth pull. This almost feels like a rolling anti lag if I had to compare. I’ve changed plugs, coils and all other common mechanical parts that may cause this issue. I feel that this may be more on the tuning aspect. Has anyone experienced this?

Hello my first guess is if you are using the std ignitor set up you will need to decrease the dwell around the area where it is doing this normally it is around 4000 rpm. this can be checked on a scope if you have one available

the dwell time will need to be under 1.8ms, alternatively fit an aftermarket igniter.

Regards Ross

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