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AEM Infinity DBW launch / traction control

Launch Control

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I have an AEM Infinity of my car that does not yet have wheel speed inputs, OEM ABS is still usable and I don't want to destroy that system. I do have questions about using the TC-TqReduceDBW(%) table to use the DBW for launch control. I understand it is technically "traction control" but it can be set to a road speed of 0, so it is also launch control. I would like to see how the Torque Reduce Request is generated and how that integrates with the 2 step / 3 step rev limiters. How does the AEM calculate Torque Reduce Request, and can that be used the same as an OEM type system (I'm thinking about like how GM uses active torque management for component protection and traction / stability control). Obviously it will never be as refined as an OEM system.

The car in question, for specifics, is a 98 Lexus SC300 (Toyota Soarer) with a 2JZ-GE VVTi with the ETCSi (DBW) controlled by the Infinity. Fresh engine with all the goodies and boost are in the works. I am still looking into getting wheel speed data out of the OEM ABS module or possibly adding secondary sensors on the wheels / axles / driveshaft. I would love to see how I can usefully integrate the DBW for things like traction control as I have a 1000rwhp goal and would like to build in as much safety as I can. But until I get a wheel speed input sorted out, all I can do is look at the tables and wonder.

Thank you.

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