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I have a jetski fzr with preision 6466 and vipec ecu i want to know how much retard ignition is best for my turbo and what parameters to data log the anti lag i like to build 25 psi from the launch control

The amount of retard required is very dependent on the relationship between the engine size and the turbo size. The bigger the turbo relative to the engine, the more retard you'll need. A 6466 is a pretty large turbo for an 1800 cc engine so depending what rpm you're able to use, 25 psi may simply not be possible. I'd suggest starting by retarding the timing back to TDC and test to see how it performs. It's not unusual to run 10-15 degrees after TDC but of course this will create a lot of heat.

I'd data log the TPS, engine speed, MAP, ignition timing and EGT if you have it.