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BRZ launch control and rev limit ECUTEK

Launch Control

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two quick things I'm having trouble with.

1. when I have launch control activated on a map it is trying to kick in when driving 20mph or even 10mph. quick revs to 4000rpm and holds.

2. I cant seem to get the rev limiter to operate correctly, instead of it hitting and bouncing off the rev limiter like it does in neutral, once you hit the rev limiter in gear it hits kind of acts like its gonna drop and then just holds stead at that limit of 7500rpm.

I attached my tune file if anyone has a lil info to help that would be much appreciated!!! thank you in advance.

this is just a tune for a header and putting launch control on if there is something I have way wrong in the tune please point out I'm open for all criticism

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  • ZA1JB01C-enc-nathen-header-tune-silver-frs-solid-1.bin
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Hi Jonathan.

I'm not sure why your launch control is staying active. I've used the function on our own car when we were running Ecutek and it worked as expected. The only point I'd note is the enable speed obviously plays into this but you've got that set to 1 mph so you should be golden. This might be worth asking directly to Ecutek.

The limiter on the BRZ is pretty horrible in stock form. Your setup looks ok, however you can get a more 'typical' rev limit response by setting the rev limit on/off values closer together. You have them 50 rpm apart but you could try setting them to be identical.

sweet thank you for the quick response I will give that a try and talk with Ecutek as well. you guys are awesome as always

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