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Building boost on footbrake/2 step

Launch Control

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From what I’ve read an auto car likes to have timing to get up on the converter. I see many people are throwing 30-40 deg while they are banging on the 2 step to build boost, and some even drop timing as soon as it gets on the 2 step. How can I determine MBT while on the footbrake since obviously a dyno wouldn’t work in this situation? Are you basically increasing timing until boost flatlines on the gauge? Thanks in advance

You're right that timing retard won't work on an auto because you need engine torque. You can find MBT or at least get close by watching what happens to the engine rpm as you adjust timing. As you move towards MBT you'll make more torque so naturally the rpm tends to climb. There is a reasonable range of timing where the torque is flat or varies very little so you don't have to be absolutely spot on.

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