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camshaft degree

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can you let me know in the camshaft degree course if we can measure duration and separation and time loop?

you can find out duration at any valve lift (0.05 inch or 1 mm) by using a dial indicator.

Knowing lobes centerlines and camshafts timing you can calculate lobe separation angle.

I guess the last one is overlap? Yes, it can also be calculated...

But one thing to remember is that advertised numbers are not always matching the actual ones ( for instance I once measured GSC camshafts and those didn't seem to be near to advertised numbers. Another guy from US did the same thing and also found them to be quite strange) so you better stick to nubers advertised by manufacturer...

Something else to be aware of is that if it uses any sort of rocker or finger type follower the camshaft lift and valve lift will not be a direct relationship because the "lever" ratios will change with contact placement between the camshaft lobe and the follower. This means that "splitting" the angle at 0.050" (a common figure for US camshafts) and, say, 0.010" or 0.100" will give different values, UNLESS the camshaft has asymmetric profiles, for those engines.

Engines that use a pushrod and/or use a direct acting follower, are usually symmetric for valve lift and camshaft profiles.

If there's any doubt, do as Shota recommends and use the card for setting up. I don't understand what you mean by "time loop", either.

From a quick look at the course, while it discusses other cam timing events, it does not necessarily show the procedure for measuring these evens and calculating things like duration or separation. However the basic process for measuring the angle at which a closing event occurs is not really different, so even though there is no step-by-step process, once you can measure events, and subtract two angles on the degree wheel, you can do the calculations easily enough.

I think you were asking for a time code on the video on where this was shown. I suggest you watch the videos in the course, and make sure you understand the basic camshaft operation details and think about how you would apply that knowledge.

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