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hello, currently i am working with a car for this year drag season, i have been thinking about a way to tune the launch control but i need some helpful to clear some stuff out.

first i am planning to install 2 waste gates one on the exhaust for normal boost controlling and one on the turbo intake pipe to control the launch control, i am planning to fit a gps to control boost at ground speed, what i am kinda of confused about is how will i control 2 waste gates with a single 4 ports boost controller how will the setup be, i am planning to run the car on 1 bar boost for until the car reachs 50 km in speed then close the waste gate up to the maximum boost. Im running the car on motec m800 ecu

I've used a wastegate on the charge pipe on a couple of the drag cars I've built in the past. What I've done with this wastegate is to select a spring that let's the wastegate open at my desired launch boost - Let's say 1 bar for example. You'd allow this wastegate to normally receive pressure and use a solenoid to disconnect pressure from the bottom of the wastegate and connect to the top (to force thew wastegate closed) once the car leaves the line. I set this up so that it was active any time the 2 step button was active. If you want to use it through 1st gear or something you could do that with an aux table and use gear of speed as an axis.

If you want to achieve a specific boost then there's probably no reason you couldn't PWM the solenoid and essentially set an open loop table to achieve your desired boost level. I'm assuming here that this is below what you can achieve on the exhaust wastegate alone? You can choose to still hold the exhaust wastegate closed so that when you do want more boost once the traction is no longer limited you can just close the intake wastegate and instantly have boost. It will take some tweaking to get the exact results you want.

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