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Emtron launch control setting the problem

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Hi everyone

I use Emtron subaru sti 07-15 plugin to control my 2009 ej20 sti,I am setting launch control,launch limit requset always OFF,I don't know where to turn it on?

Thank you

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I'm not familiar with the Emtron unfortunately so it's hard to be super specific. It looks like you've set up both a clutch switch and a clutch pedal position threshold for enabling and disabling the launch system - Do you in fact have both? You may find that you need to set whatever you're not using to 0% or something similar. I'll assume the help file would define this for you. You also have a TP/PP lockout of 70% so it will never enable until you exceed that, hence the 'TP/PP Lockout' message under the Launch Status.

Hi master

Clutch switch and pedal position are working normally,Throttle position is also normal,When I completely pressed the throttle pedal, 'TP/PP Lockout'Will become green,I think it's probably because of launch limit request, When I tried LC, it showed OFF all the time.

Thank you