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Evolution X ECUFLASH 2 Step Question with Tephramod V2 Launch map

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Hi Andre I was wondering every time you mentioned Ignition retard on launch control you always mention ignition cut,

can you use fuel cut launch control with ignition retard combined? For example on my Evolution X 2 step i believe is a fuel cut with the stock ecu but I also have a dedicated launch timing map where i can reduce ignition timing. However I never got a chance to play with that map because I havent installed a bigger turbo yet. Will I have the same effect as ignition cut with ignition retard vs fuel cut and ignition retard ?

You can use an ignition retard with a fuel cut but my own experience has been that it's a lot less effective than combining it with an ignition cut. With an ignition cut you can take advantage of combusting a full charge of unburnt fuel and air in the exhaust manifold/turbo. With a fuel cut you only gain energy to drive the turbo from the retarded charge combusting further into the exhaust stroke.

In some instances like your Tephramod patch, you may have no option though. I would recommend experimenting with it to test its effectiveness.

If i can already use secondary rev limiter to hold RPM is there any benefit using timing retard to hold the RPM besides helping to raise more boost?

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