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fuel enrichment during launch control

Launch Control

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In order for you to know this, you have to datalog or have a friend looking at the ignition, pull the display tab and monitor your ignition, for hondata we like to retard ignition to 0 when launching, (you need to find this by trial an error not that you set time to 0)

Lets say you are launching at 4500 RPM on the street or 6000 RPM at the track you get to your launch RPM's and when you hit it monitor what is the ignition timing, then you want this to be zero so lets say you are Launching at 6000 RPM and you have 20 degrees of timing at X engine load, you want to go retard ignition by 20 degrees so in your launch tab settings you have to enter -20 for ignition, as for fuel enrichment you can start at 200 or 300,

now you have to go into launch rpm's again and check if ignition is at zero, if not do the appropriate changes in launch tab ignition settings, if it is at zero, and you are not making your boost target, start adding more fuel, the more fuel you add the more boost you will create, so set on a boost target and add only the fuel you need to get to it, not just dump 600 units for example.

It sound like a long process but is not, maybe 2 or 3 tries and you would get there,

Hope this helps

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