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ground speed launch control

Launch Control

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hello Andre is there any way to look in the log time plot the status or in the parameter list can be ad, the ground speed control is active ,what i have notice when try this i could not hear the ignition cut from 0-60kph.in the 1gear

Which ECU are you using? The course covers the M1 and also Link/Vi-PEC ECU's

As Chris has asked, what ECU are you using?

Regardless of launch state you can also log the ignition and/or fuel cut percentages to show what is happening.

Been using Link strom G4+ ecu

Are you using a non-driven speed pick up?

Are you logging in the ecu or on the computer?

Hello Chris yes been logging non driven wheel speed and also driven wheel speed .it will work only of the non driven wheel speed in the link software.

I've attached the three areas that I can find in the ECU logging section which can be recorded that give the status of speed and launch controls.

What I think your needing to log is the status of the Launch control (speed-status image) and also your ground speeds (speed-status3 image) (amongst everything else), this will let you know if the launch control is deactivating as soon as your moving or below 60KPH

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