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Ground Speed Launch Control on Syvecs ECU

Launch Control

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Hi. Just watched the Launch Control tutorials. Very useful. I use a Syvecs ECU and have been setting up ground speed launch control. The rpm/ground speed table has a 3rd axis, which is manifold pressure. Torque reduction can be achieved using fuel cut, ignition cut or ignition retard or any combination of the three. I understand the rpm/ground speed tables in the Motec and Link systems, but given there are more options available to me with the Syvecs ECU, I'm not sure what approach is best. A Syvecs worked example would be useful. Or perhaps you could give me some pointers as to the correct order in which to tune the launch control, given I have more options. I have a rear wheel drive car with wheel speed sensors on all 4 wheels, the engine is turbocharged and I compete in hill climbs, so all runs are from a standing start. Thanks!

This should give you a good idea on where to start - https://youtu.be/wmySFD4fYT0

Given that you are RWD and hopefully you're not lifting the front end off the ground when launching, you will not do exactly what is described here, as they are using a time-based system, you will use assign a front wheel sensor as the vehicleSpeed input, and use the "ground speed" based system. Essentially, on the line you want to be more aggressive with all three settings (make sure your valvetrain can handle ignition cut launch control strategy, otherwise just use fuel cut and ign retard) because you need much more intervention to keep the RPM under control and you need to build boost.

The general shape of the maps in the video is good and would be a good starting point, from there it's just a lot of testing and logging work.

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