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GTR R35 Motec M1 Launch Control setup problem

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I try to setup Launch control for Motec M1, but problem is it always show launch state disable. I check in help Launch state disable is brake switch must be on. I already put all in R mode, gear in first and M. The problem I have it can't hold till 4300 rpm as i set. It go over till 7000 rpm. Launch request is enable when i try to launch just launch state still disable. Any help?

Thanks in advance.


To get the Launch Control to enable in the M1, a number of conditions must be met.

• Mode must be Enabled.

• Exhaust Temperature must be less than Activate Exhaust Temperature. If Activate Exhaust Temperature is set to 0 this setting is ignored.

• Coolant Temperature must be less than Activate Coolant Temperature. If Activate Coolant Temperature is set to 0 this setting is ignored.

• The value of the channel on the X axis (Vehicle Speed) of the Engine Speed table must be less than or equal to the minimum X axis site.

• Throttle Pedal must be greater than Entry Throttle Pedal.

• Vehicle Speed must be less than the minimum speed set in any of the tables.

The area that catches most people out with this is that they have the Minimums for the Vehicle Speed in the tables as 0.0, this means that any movement of the vehicle that is registered when you are trying to enable Launch Control causes it to not enable. Try raising the Vehicle Speed Minimum, as well as looking through the steps about, and ensure that they are all met.

Diagnostic Channels

• Launch State

This indicates that the Launch Control function is enabled, and that all required conditions have been met. The M1 is in Launch Mode if this State is Enabled.

• Launch Diagnostic

Defines any issues, if present, that are stopping the Launch Control system from enabling, these are Exhaust Temperature High and Coolant Temperature High values exceeding their Activate Temperatures.

• Launch Enable

Overall state of the system, indicates if the system is switched on through the Driver Switch settings.

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