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Haltech platinum pro

Launch Control

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Hi i am setting my launch control on my haltech platinum pro and i have wire an extrenal switch to activate it do i need to retard the timing and put more fuel in the launch control map ?

I'll assume from your profile pic that you have a turbo skyline? If so then the required setup will depend on what you're trying to achieve and your turbo size. If you're running stock turbos then there's probably no need to retard the timing (you'd also want to stay away from an aggressive ignition cut limiter with retard if you have the stock ceramic wheel turbos as you can break them very easily). I'd suggest a basic fuel cut limiter and adjust the rpm to suit. If you're running a larger turbo then you may need to use some retard to help create boost when stationary. This really will only work well with an ignition cut so please understand the implications of that style of cut first. I'd start with no retard and gradually retard the timing in 5 degree increments until you get to your desired boost. I very rarely add any additional fuel as part of my launch strategy.

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