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Launch control activation when wheel speed = 0 km/h

Launch Control

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I am currently attempting to setup a single launch RPM rev limit on a Link G4+. My subaru does not have a clutch switch, and I would like the secondary launch rpm to be activated when the vehicle is stationary, and deactivated completely as soon as the vehicle begins moving. No further limiting of the power will be necessary as the all wheel drive will prevent any traction issues. For now I would simply like a basic rev limit, and then later I'll mess around with ignition retard to spool the turbo off the line. However I do not have a good understanding of how I would use the wheel speed digital input to activate the launch control when the car is stationary. LF wheel speed is DI 3 on my setup, would I simply set the activation control to DI 3 inside the launch control setup? I also don't have a solid understanding of wheel speed sensors operate as a digital input, as I thought digital inputs were either on or off, where as wheel speed is constantly varying. Any help / insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

For this setup you would use the 2D Launch RPM Table option and set the activation control to 'Always On'. Then you can set the 2D launch rpm table to suit. Just set the zero speed zone to whatever rpm you want to launch at and then all the other zones can be set to your engine speed limit.

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