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Launch Control for Pro-Tree

Launch Control

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Looking for some assistance setting up launch control for launching on a pro tree. The car needs to come up on boost almost instantly and I cannot get it to do so quicker than about 1.5 seconds.


Rb26 in a manual trans GTR

BWS476 with 1.10 T4 turbine and 93mm exhaust wheel

7300rpm LC limit

Gate forced closed until desired boost level is reached

I currently have the timing pull 500rpm below the LC limiter. I have tried timing values from 0 to -20 in the LC areas that are just into boost (95-110kpa) and the same issue remains. With timing closer to 0 in this area the car sits on the LC limiter too long before making boost. With the timing closer to -20 the motor does not hit the LC limiter at all until it makes boost which takes too long.

Does anyone have any insight here? The guys at my local track (supras) are able to pull into the first light, start revving the motor hard but not on the LC limit, slip the clutch into the second light, and as soon as the car goes onto the LC limiter theyre ready to go.

Thank you!

Hello what is the ecu ?

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