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hopefully im explaining this clearly,

pretty much I have a limiter at 5k RPM, this builds about 12psi boost (GTX28 turbo on 2L),

im running a clutch switch, im finding I slip the clutch while on the limiter for the first metre or so, I like this slip as it prevents severe shock loading on the drive train, but the engine is lacking torque, are there any steps I can take to increase the torque while on the limiter? im currently running 15' timing (haltech uses absolute timing in the table for launch control?) and adding no extra fuel.

the clutch switch isn't adjustable, but that maybe the solution (looking at other options first).

map attached for anyone who is curious

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There are a couple of possible issues here:

1. You simply need more engine torque to get the car moving. In this case your options are to increase the rpm on the limiter or to try and increase the boost.

2. You may find that your clutch is engaging before the clutch switch deactivates. As explained in the course, aligning these two points is very important otherwise the engine will tend to die as the clutch engages while still on the limiter.