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Launch Control vs Traction Control

Launch Control

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I’m asking myself why should you set up a launch table if traction control does the same thing?

For the start, you have to use the 2 Step from the Launch Control. But after the start? Can’t you just stay with the traction control table?

If you set the Launch Table different to the Traction Control Table, lets assume that the Traction Control is set to allow less slip then Launch Control does, wouldn’t be there a problem? Do you have to set them the same or to allow more slip in the Traction Control table? Or is the Traction Control inaktive when Launch Control is on?

I set up the start RPM at 4000 and allow up to 50 kmh 5%-10% slip. How am I gonna be able to do a burnout if I don’t allow more slip?

Isn‘t it better to set in the Launch Control table only the start RPM? And to set the slip only in the Traction Control table? And if I want to do a burnout I can just turn off the Traction Control. But if I want a good start, I can turn TRC on

You need Launch Control because when launching, the initial condition is the vehicle isn't moving, and you want a consistent RPM when you release the clutch. At some ground speed, the traction control will take over. But you don't want it too soon, you actually need to allow the engine to rev higher (which looks like more slip, but some is happening in the clutch).

Have you looked at this document on the Motec M1 Launch control -- it explains how to set that up and tune it.


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