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Launch RPM for automatics

Launch Control

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So while there's a lot of talk about manual transmissions in this course, no information is given for where to set the RPM for launching an automatic.

So is the max RPM you can set the two step to, 200rpm below your stall or can you activate two step above the stall? For instance, I'm going to be getting a 3500 stall converter on a th400 with transbrake. I plan on wiring the 2 step to the transbrake switch. So would I set it to just before the stall speed so then it'll flash to where it needs to be? Or can i set it higher than stall and work my way down to see where the car will launch best at?


never mind then

Sorry Damen, I've now replied in your other thread. My apologies for the slow reply. You posted the original question while I was overseas for the TX2K and I obviously managed to miss it on my return.

No worries, I saw it and replied back. Thank you

Were is the other thread? I would love to see your answer Andre.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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