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Working through some things over the off season here and one of the items of contention I have is setting up launch control in the ECU. Currently running it off a DI (Clutch Switch) while pulling degrees absolute (Around 3-5 degrees) to get the car to come up on boost quickly for heads up racing however I have noticed the boost can overshoot the target quickly when staging takes longer than expected.

I have also noticed the car will start the cut as a soft cut with boost building gradually then transition to a hard cut and rapidly increase boost as it hits the hard rpm limit in the launch control. Is this something in the current strategy that's implemented? Possibly a setting I don't have set correctly?

To solve this I tried using a table rather than a set timing pull with target boost as an x axis and rpm as the y axis with the timing targets in the table but the car seems to not want to come up to the hard cut fast enough which has resulted in lack luster short track times. Is there a way to set this up differently to reach my target as quickly as possible without worry of overshooting?

Sorry for the delayed answer here, I must have missed your original post. You've answered your own question, and this is the technique I personally use - Set up the retard table with MAP as the axis. you can pull timing aggressively to get the engine to start making boost but then revert to less aggressive retard when the engine is at the boost level you want. You can also influence the boost with the wastegate duty cycle while on the 2 step.