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Hi I purchased the launch control course but its geared towards manual transmission vehicles so wasn't really much help with the issues im having.

I have a Turbocharged V8 with a auto transmission. No trans brake so can only hold 2500 rpm on the foot brake. Im having issues with back firing through the intake when using launch control. I have it set on fuel cut but I did experience similar issues when on ignition cut but I diddnt have much of a go with it on ignition cut. I have a link G4+. Ive tried adding fuel and tried different ignition timing. some times it makes it worse but its not consistant. might get two goes that it doesn't backfire and builds heaps of boost then ill drive up the road and try it again and its back to back firing. got me a bit lost and not sure where to go from here??

Have watched a few of the webinars and you mention port fuel wetting occasionally. Do you think that it could have a bearing on the problems im having above?

In most instances with an auto transmission you're going to need a trans brake to get the best possible launches. I'm not sure how exactly you're using the launch control though? Are you setting a launch rpm at 2500? Does your engine use hydraulic lifters? What happens if you try to use the launch control in neutral?

What ECU are you using? Does it have sequential injection configured?

Yes I had the launch control set to 2500. and yep I do have hydraulic lifters and that was why I opted for the fuel cut launch setting. I have since changed over to ignition cut and added some fuel. I have no backfiring in intake or exhaust and can build around 13psi at 2500 with 1deg of timing. Only issue I have now is the time it takes get to the limit and to build boost so am going to try with the timing higher to begin with then pull it back as boost pressure rises as it struggles against the converter with timing at 1deg.

Im using a link g4 with sequential setup.