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Hi Andre,

I would create backfire in RB26DETT and 2JZGTE engines in AEM EMS-2 or any ECU?

1. Do I need to retards the ignition -10 degree. is this will affect the engine or Turbo?

I would use it with 5500-6500 rpm.

2. What is the base idea to make it?

You need to see if the ignition is regarding actual degrees or degrees from you ignition map.

Once you start to regard your timing until the spark is firing after TDC, once your timing is retarded it will begin to generate higher egts and also generate boost. Backfires are a by product of this.

Thank you Chris,

Is there any limit of retard ignation or AFR?

The AFR is a hard one to judge because you are going to likely be using an ignition cut (or fuel cut) which allows a full cylinder of uncombusted air/fuel mix (or just air if using fuel cut) to pass through the exhaust which will be picked up as a lean condition.

The limit of the ignition retard will come down to your components ability to withstand heat, as I mentioned, retarding the timing will create lots of heat. you will likely melt something before reaching a point where you are too far retarded, you will also likely have maxed out the efficiency range of the turbo and melted it too, this is why you should monitor EGTs during prolonged limiter situations.