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Hi David,

I´m at the point to set the launch control for a Jetski on Yamaha FX SHO package. If I go to "setup"-"launch control", I find a table, called

"Launch Ignition Cut Request" which allows me to setup a percentage under "throttle postion vs. rpm"

Is this the percentage of cuts to the ignition to allow the fuel to transfer unburned in the exhaust?

With which numbers should I start?

Hi Thomas, I'm sorry but I haven't had much to do with MoTeC on PWC however I just had a look at the 2014 package and couldn't find that table? What version of the package are you on? Can you post a screenshot of the table?

Hi Andre,

I use version Yamaha FX SHO 2008 (01.01.0005, January 2014), the table is under "Setup - Launch Control - Ignition Cut Request", screenshot attached.

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