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Motorcycle Drag Racing

Launch Control

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Hi guys,

I will work with motorcycle drag racing in a near future. How can I adjust launch control strategy based on wheel speed once the non drive wheel will come out of the ground and the drive wheel will tend to spin to much?

I have no experience with motorcycle launch control strategies in a drag racing application, but in superbike racing we use a 2 step and start the rpm sweep towards the limiter when the clutch switch is activated/when the clutch is fully released. The sweep time from the 2 step to the limiter is adjustable, so the rider can focus on controlling the start with a clutch slip, and then just hold the throttle (bar from having to readjust if something happens) until he or she reaches the desired shift RPM, and then disable the system from 2nd gear on.

The strategies may be different for a pure drag racing application, so maybe someone else will shed a light on this

You have two options really, use GPS as your ground speed input, however this may not be quick enough, your other option is to use a launch timer; you have set rpm limits based on a timer that’s trigger’d from say your launch switch release.

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