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rolling launch/rolling antilag webinars ?

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any webinars for setting up rolling antilag on m1 ecus ?

At this point on the public packages, the M1 doesn't include a rolling launch control system. I've written a custom version for our 86 Using M1 Build, but it's not much use performing a webinar on firmware that nobody has access to :(

When rolling launch is added as a package feature though we will review it.

and for the link/vipec ecu's ?

that's latched launch.

i just set it up, on 15° retarding no extra boost,

tomorrow put more degree's in it.

Is it 15degrees retarded from your tuned value I.e.35-15=20 or actually 15degrees ATDC?

Retarding degrees

You'll probably be able to afford to pull more timing than that. It's a catch 22 as you want to be launching with as much power as possible, big boost doesn't always meant big power.

What rpm were you trying to latched launch from?

setted it to "degree absolute" it's more steady now.

now i am -23° and boost is coming to 0.8 bar.

and added some fuel also with the "launch fuel table" so it's around 0.83 Lambda for cooling

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