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When you go to the drag strip, the launch control acts a lot differently than when on the street. Is there a configuration to adjust for this increased grip? My street Launch Control is 3,850rpm, but going to Maple Grove Raceway, I bog down every time. Should I increase to 4,500rpm and see If that works? There’s a limited amount of runs at each test and tune. So, it is critical to get this right before you run out of passes down the drag strip. For technical purposes, my car is a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth on 21psi.

That's quite normal just due to the track surface and available grip. You'd definitely want to increase your launch rpm based on what you've mentioned but only testing will show what rpm works best. A nice option here is to use a multi position dial to allow the launch rpm to be adjusted from the drivers seat to suit.

Thank you for the tip! There is no way to run wires through the firewall of an Abarth, so I’m in the process of rerouting the wires so I can utilize my 3 step control box. It is currently in the engine bay. I have modified the 2 step, 3 step, and wide-open throttle shifting points. The 3 step is only available for functionality by holding the button on the side of the box. I am on my way to being capable of choosing launch settings without constant reprogramming on the laptop.