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Two Step Launch control settings

Launch Control

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I found the video helpful for some areas but it didnt seem to go into great detail as I had hoped. What I would like to know is more information on the PID control set up for limiters and boost control for launch.

What exactly do you need clarification on here? PID control doesn't typically come into play with launch control tuning in most ECUs. For instance in the Motec M1 worked example the only reference to PID control is for the ignition retard function. In the Link/Vi-PEC example there is no PID control inclusive in any element of the launch setup.

If you need more help with a specific aspect then let me know and I'll do my best to advise.

andre im seeking some advice, ive just recently bought linkg4+ for my lancer evo6, and was just trying setup antilag, could you give me a little advise on how to set up the analoge input for swiching on /off, ie a switch to earth etc instead of digital input like rpm range

many thanks in advance

p.s. throughly enjoying the course, they covering all the grey areas which i had and boosting my confidence no end

Hey slideways, it looks like your question has been addressed in the main forum already. Typically I set this sort of function up using a digital input rather than an analogue input.

Glad you enjoyed the course!

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