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Data logging setup

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Hey guys. i am planning to do datalogging just because i cant watch the road and live tune at the same time. how do i set it up? planning to wire in aem x30-300 too so i may need some help here

need to know what file to log etc etc. as i couldnt be logging all files right?

I'd suggest you log rpm and map as these (most likely) will be the axis for your fuel and ignition tables. You'll then want to log target AFR and actual AFR so you know what your error is. Beyond this you will also need to log TPS, accel enrichment, IAT, and ECT so that you know the engine is at normal operating temp and you're not bringing in any accel enrichment. This should be sufficient to help with your fuel tuning.

Hi Andre. So when i am setting PC logging, i just remove everything and just add in those that you have told me right? And as for IAT, i think my sensor is spoilt. Is there anyway to test it?

There is no bandwidth restriction with PC Logging, it is best just to log everything. Down the bottom of the logging set-up screen there is a "Add All" button, click that once and it will ensure from then on every single parameter will be logged.

For your temp sensor you can do a quick resistance test to get an indication if it is still servicable. I explained that on your similar post on the Link forum.

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