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Fan wont shut off

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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I am using the PNP Link ECU G4+ for the EVO 9. When I turn the key to on position the AC fan runs and will not shut off. What do I need to do to adjust that? Is this one of the Aux? Do I look at the Runtime window to trace this down?

I have turned off every aux and the fan is still running!

Are you using the Link base map?

Yes I am

have you seen that one of the spare ignition drives is controlling one of the fans? fan 3.

Hi i have a g4 on an evo 8 260 and got same issue tried loads but still have cooling fans always on!!

on the G4 use the run time values and check to see if your air-con request is on, Press 'r' when connected.

Settings for the air con request are on Digital input 6 (DI6) try switching the pull up resistor on/off

Settings for the air con fan are on Ignition drive 4, try switching the polarity high/low

Let us know how you get on

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