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G4X Accel Enrichment Not Working

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Hey guys, this is on a G4X, not a G4+ but hopefully it finds everyone the same.

Plain and simple my accel enrichment function isn't working and I can't pinpoint why. After trying every value I could in the accel sens table and not seeing a difference in how the car rev'd, I pulled up the runtime values and saw that there was no change at all in the "Accel Fuel" section when I stab the throttle. The Accel Mode is set to "TPS" and as far as I can tell it should be working, hopefully I'm glancing over something dumb but I'm hoping someone here has experienced this before and/or has a solution. Thanks!

accel enrichment by pacotaco345, on Flickr

The cold correction is a multiplier so if you multiply anything by zero you will get zero.

I suggest first, in the main fuel settings turn on Asynchronous injection with a min PW of 0.5ms as that greatly reduces the need for accel enrichment.

Some numbers from my evo below that works well to give you a starting point (note this is with Async on, with Async off you will need sens more like 10).

That worked perfect, thank you! I had no idea how that second table interfaced with the first.. It probably automatically zero'd at some point when i was poking around in the software.

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