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Ignition timing calibration

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Is this necessary when using a Link base map for the same specific engine? I have a 4G63 and have used the Link base map as a starting point.

Really enjoying the webinars and Link G4+ training modules.

Yes, it's an essential part of every tune - Even on a plug & play ECU that technically should be perfect. Even manufacturing tolerances can have the timing drift a degree or so between different engines when using the same base timing numbers.

Thank you for coming back to me, guess I'll be digging out my timing light in that case!

Do you have a Manufacturer or Timing Light that you suggest purchasing?

The timing light doesn't need to be anything too flash. I use an Optilux timing light most of the time which is about $50 USD. I also have a Snapon digital timing light which has a dial back function to check the actual advance being delivered by the engine however this is closer to $600 USD and not really a necessity.

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