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Injector issues

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Hi guys. Can Link G4 Storm use low impedance injectors?

Apparently, the previous tuner of mine used a Denso 720cc low impedance injectors (195500-0830) in my car without a resistor box.

I am on CA18DET right now.

Master Fuel at 14ms which is using the same as the SR20DET base map i think.

What can I do if i wanna change to a High impedance injector? Can anyone advise me?

If i were to put a resistor box. Do i need to do any changes to the fuel table again?

The G4 Storm only has saturated drives but they are quite robust, unlikely to harm the ecu in most cases. The problem with driving a low impedance injector with a saturated driver is not so much that the current is too much for the ecu, the problem usually is the injector coil will get very hot internally at high duty cycles and eventually melt - then you can potentially get 12V shorted directly to the injector output and that will potentially damage the ecu.

So your option is to change to high impedance injectors or fit resistors to limit current through the injectors. Either will likely require re-tuning the fuel table and deadtimes etc.

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