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Injector Setup on Staged Injection ID725/ID2000

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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Hi everyone, I have few questions concerning the Dead Time Table & the Injector Flow @ Rated Pressure.

Concerning the car and his setup, It's a Rx7 FD, with a Link ECU G4+, Sequential/Staged Injection with ID725 Primary Injectors & ID2000 Secondary Injectors.

I use the modelled - multi fuel, fuel equation mode, i'm going to use a flex fuel sensor.

Fuel presure is 43.5Psi.

My problem is I don't understand how to set the Injector Dead Time on the Software, to explain It, there is much more voltage who have to be set on the software than the data I can found on the Injector Dynamics website. (6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15V on software, 8/10/12/14/16v on the ID website)

Edit the X Axis on a 2D table isn't possible, I don't know how to do to find the needed informations.

My second question is about the injector flow rate @ fuel pressure, what CC/min I have to set here ? The CC for just one Primary Injector ( 715cc @ 43.5Psi if I look on the ID website ) ?


I'll have othe questions based ont the answers that will be given to me.

For the deadtime table set it to 3D then you can configure the axes to however you like (you can turn off the Y axis even in 3D mode). Make sure you update to the latest firmware (5.6.6) so that you get a 2nd 3D deadtime table for the secondary injectors.

For the injector flow rate setting your assumption is correct, you enter the value for 1 primary injector. The ECU calculates the secondary injector flow rate using the Sec/Pri ratio setting.

Thanks for your response, I already tried to set the table in 3D, I faced a problem when I do it.

The deadtime table concerning the secondary injectors dissappear from the Staged Injection section.

Is it normal?

"Make sure you update to the latest firmware (5.6.6) so that you get a 2nd 3D deadtime table for the secondary injectors."

I didn't seen this the first time I read your response, I'll go check this, thanks!

Something like that is ok I think, the software tends to round up and donw the data.

Fot the settings of the 3D table, I set the Y Axis in feul pressure.

I link two pics to illustrate.

Thanks :)



To compare with ID website




To compare with ID website


Yes the rounding is simply not an issue as the differences are so minor it really makes no difference.

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