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Knock control

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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I have set up my knock control as in the tutorials and the webinar but for some reason I can't see anything on my data logging . I have set my threshold anywhere from 5 to 60 and the threshold line is always straight . It only has a straight line which the color is orange (set to cylinder #4) on the bottom part of the knock group . As my group in the data log I have set knock threshold and knock level cylinder # 1 / 2 /3 /4 . I have set cylinder allocation accordingly and have set up in the knock menu as knock mode knk internal at either 7khz or 14khz (have tried both , found it through the formula taught in the both tutorial and webinar) . Car is a Honda Bseries with dizzy .

Thank you

If you're running a dizzy then you'll only have one ignition channel, cylinder 1, what sensor are you using?

Thank you , Chris

I have on the engine block the stock knock sensor and on the intake I have installed the donut style wideband for the knock block G4+ . The Link Ecu that I am using is a G4+ pnp eu which has an internal knock from what I know .

If you're using the OE knock sensor you might find that it is already filtering the signal (narrow band sensor), try a wider frequency range.

Failing that ditch the OE sensor and use the donut style sensor and then you'll be able to use different frequencies as it is a wide band sensor

Did you get to the bottom of this kanjo? The threshold line in your data logger will always be whatever you enter as a threshold value, so if your threshold is consistent or the same value regardless of rpm, the threshold in the logger will be a straight line. Are you saying you're not seeing any knock levels from the individual cylinders? Have you tried increasing the gain value?

The place where I am renting the dyno is upgrading it and it will be fully functional at the end of the month . Being new to tuning , I am skeptical to road tune ignition . I do understand that the threshold stays steady , what I mean is that I have put my threshold to 30 and my ignition for example at 25/30 at 2000rpm various map which I believe I should have seen something as I have 12.5 CR running pump gas 98. Yes , I am not seeing any knock levels on the individual cylinders . Chris states that due to being still distributed set up , I only get reading only from 1 cylinder but do not see anything at all .

I have tried to follow the steps in the videos but for some reason I am not getting any feedback no matter what threshold I have . My gain is 10 at the moment .

Is there a way to upload pictures/attachments ?

You're not getting a reading from 1 cylinder, you'll only be able to control knock feedback on a global scale (cylinder 1) as there is only 1 ignition source (the dizzy) rather than how you set it up for individual cylinder knock control.

You can keep increasing your gain to see if you can pick up any signals at all but what you'll really need to use is the factory knock sensor frequency as the narrow band will filter out any other frequencies, which could be another cause of your issues as I know JDM and EDM Hondas had different frequency sensors fitted, i.e. if you've selected 7khz but the sensor only delivers 6khz you'll never see any information.

If your wanting to attach files you'll need to start a fresh thread in the General Tuning Discussion section as this section doesn't seem to be allowing attachments

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