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Looking for new ecu for my 1998 impreza, one text from Link G4+ Specifications confuses me. "Closed Loop Knock Control. (Requires External Controller)"

Does this mean that Subarus Oem knock sensor wont work? And I have to buy some external controller?

Hi Jani,

Sorry for the slow reply, I only check in here every couple of days.

A lot of that specification tab is very out of date on our website, it appears to be left over from the older G4 ECU which didnt have knock control hardware on-board. The current G4+ Plug-in ECU's have knock control hardware built-in. All of our Subaru plug-in ECU's have the factory knock sensor connected, but it is is usually a good idea to replace the stock sensor with a wideband Bosch one for performance use.

Okay, thanks for answer :) Have to order g4+ now! Can you recommend some Bosch wideband knock sensor especially good model?

There are many options with different plugs etc but a common one with a EV1/JPT style plug is 0 261 231 006

Thanks Adam very much :)

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