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Second DBW tuning functionality

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Hi all,

i have a nissan march superturbo (twincharged). The oem set up uses a bypass valve for the supercharger , it is ran with vacuums and some 80's engineering and black magic. i am currently planning on running a bosch motorsport DBW on the intake manifold and also and second 51mm DBW as the new bypass valve electronically controlled.

My question is in the g4 thunder software can the Throttle body be configured position versus MAP / LOAD. i ask this becasse the bypass valve needs to be in different position versus MAp.

example -

idiling - supercharger electro pulley disengaged bypass valve open for intake air to reach inlet manifold

medium load - charger engaged, bypass valve closed but as turbo begins to build boost valve slowly opening to allow turbo rpm rise

40000rpm - bypass valve fully open , charger disengaged and turbo pressure main boost source

Kind of. You can set up E-throttle 2 to have a completely separate target table to E-throttle 1, and you can put whatever parameters you like on the axes controlling that target table. So as long as a single 3D table is enough to give the control you want it should be doable. But, if you are using E-throttle for idle control, then when the engine enters idle conditions both throttles will get some influence from the idle speed control function as well as their main target tables. If you want the bypass fully open at idle then the small "adder" opening coming from the idle control function should be fine. But if you wanted it fully closed for example at idle then it wouldnt work.

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