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Hi everyone! I am a performance driving instructor for DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie, WA just 30 minutes east of Seattle and race in several different rally series including Rally America and the Cascadia International Rally Cup. I've worked with both Mike McGinnis of Innovative Tuning in Buffalo, NY and John Reed in Portland, OR to get my personal rally car tuned (ViPEC ECU) and owe them great credit for answering millions of questions over the years. The time has come for me to expand my knowledge as my car's engine management as grown more complex over the years and I want to be able to compensate for conditions and make adjustments for any changes I make to the car. I've always had an interest in tuning but this is my first genuine attempt at formally learning the trade. Eventually I would like to apply the skills to other cars expecially in the motorsports realm and see where it takes me.

So here's to kicking off the training wheels and boosting education into high gear. I look forward to exchanging ideas in the forums, on a dyno, or at the race track. Thank you Andre for providing a great resource and demystifying tuning for all of us.

If anyone's interested in my race program, I have a Facebook page and tons of pictures and video at www.facebook.com/revolutionarysports

You are right down the road from me.

Welcome to HPA, I've seen the dirtfish rally school and always fancied a shot, just a shame it's so far away.

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