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hi guys

am trying to to wire aem cd5 dash to motec m800

i walked with instructions but its doesnt seem to work

any idea from the expert?

Check your wiring.

Do you have CAN Hi and CAN Lo correct? is there at least one terminating resistor on the bus? Is the CD-5 configured for 1Mbit CAN (AEM's default is 500Kbit I believe). The M800 can pretty much only work at 1Mbit. Is the M800 configured to transmit the ADL CAN datastream (or whatever your instructions suggest).

If you use the Motec Tool CAN Inspector (found in the Utilities download on with your UTC, do you see messages on the CAN bus?

Hi mate

i checked the wiring and every step

until they said i need to import motec can file

what do you mean by can bus message ?

Where i can see that ?

You can learn more about the CAN bus from these video webinars by MoTeC:

Helpful Hints on Communicating via CAN

What is CAN?

MoTeC CAN Messages types Explained

Based on information on this page from AEM (

I think you need to contact AEM tech support and request the .DBC file for a MoTeC hundred-series ECU. Or perhaps that was included with your software distribution.

Thanx alot i ll see