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Alexandre from France

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Hello from France. I live just at the border near Germany and 6km away from the Bugatti factory. So I have some serious competition on the road !

I have a mechanic engineer background but now take care of CNC waterjet cutting machines sales in northern Europe (for the food industry ).

I own a Chevelle SS 71 since I was 20 years old, I am now 47 ! I made some evolutions steps by steps. From naturally aspirated to Twin Turbo,E85 fuel, and my last and best evolution, AWD transmission.

I followed the free lessons and the live tuning sesson, those are definitely what I was looking for..some rock solid informations well explained.

20 years ago I installed an Electromotive ECU TEC3 on my Chevelle, at that time it was a very good unit (still running it), but technology has evolved and I want to upgrade it now.

I built some Single turbo cars for friends. (LM7 Chevelle 1964 with Microsquirt, Camaro 69 with MS3, BMW M5 S62 engine with Link Storm).

I am sure there is a lot to learn here !


Tres Belle! Very nice! I use to own a 72' Chevelle. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some more photos and posts!


Welcome to HPA Alex,

I actually removed a TEC3 from an MX5 only last year to bring it into the modern age. You'll find all you need to know on here, if you don't just ask

Ahhh, Chevelles are so badass! Love the front of them, they always remind me of an HZ Holden. Awesome to have you on the board :-).

I already love HP Academy !

Here is the last session I ran the car, then my 8 years old dual roller timing chain broke ! So I am in the process of upgrading the engine. I will present my idea of a triple turbo in a dedicated post. For sure I will need some good advices.

The Wheel on the cam loose its teeth, extended the chain that finaly broke. I suppose that the cam jumped some teeth to be way retarded as I was down on power and had problems to load the turbos. I could not point this issue before this tragic end.

Good oportunity to rebuild it with more power.

Second gear launch


This is a tipical case of Under rated part in a performance engine ! I learned it the hard way . I run 400lbs seat pressure, 650 + lbs open springs with meca roller cam + rev kit. Near 8000 Rpm rev limit.

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