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Hello everyone

been on this website for a little while now but have just become a gold member

Started playing with cars at the age of 14 I'm now 23 looking at getting in to tuning

ive been on another course here in the UK that was based purely on aftermarket systems. I used syvecs to learn on

Just finished racing a 425whp b series civic whitch is now unfortunately broken up in parts.

I'm here to hopefully gain enough knowledge that I can actually go and buy a test car and start playing.

ill upload some photos and videos from this season with the civic

Cheers Jamie



Best time it ever ran was 10.56 @ 129mph with a 1.56 60ft i think it was

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Hi Jamie,

Welcome to the forum, which course did you go on? I've done the two TDI courses, I know the EMA uses Syvecs too.

10.56 in a FWD is pretty good going, could you start a build thread in the section for it and give us some more info on it?

What was the tdi courses like? I went to EMA on a fast track course over 4 days. Learnt so much from it now looking to expand from it and hopefully put it in to play soon.

Yeah I will try and dig out some photos and more videos write up abit about it when I get chance. Didn't really get many photos of the build its self but will see what I got

The TDI course was great, Sam, the tutor is extremely knowledgeable and can break things down so anyone can understand whilst keeping the class at a level that suited everyone from every background.

I've been thinking about the EMA course just so I could give a comparison between the two, it's always good hearing the same things from different angles in case you are missing something

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