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Basic engine, big (eventual!) ideas

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Many years ago - at least 15 - when MegaSquirt was still quite new, I lived in the UK and drove a 1971 Opel Manta fitted with a Vauxhall C20XE and throttle bodies. MS controlled the fuel. It worked really well.

Family life and more meant after that I tended to stick to whatever a manufacturer supplied.

We've since moved to New Zealand and now I plan something to keep me occupied. Keep me out of mischief. That sort of thing.

A 1985 BMW 318i coupe. The venerable M10 engine which formed the basis of such an effective engine in F1 will be used, and I'll probably go for MegaSquirt again, albeit something a little newer.

This time, It'll be controlling everything. I want to 'lose' the dizzy, run flexfuel, an electric water pump, and (eventually) a turbo.

Yes - it is a massive overkill. But for me, this is as much about learning as anything else. "It's better to travel..." That sort of thing. ;-)

Why MS? I'd love Haltech. (Probably.) Or Motec. Or... Whatever.

However, I want to do as much as possible myself, at a reasonable price. And I know I'll need help. MS appears to offer a good balance: it's widely used, has good support, and - if/when I get stuck - there's some genuinely experienced people around to ask (pay!) for help.

Anyway... I'll have lots of questions, but for now I'll be watching and learning from Andre's words of wisdom.

Welcome to HPA.

MS is a good ECU if you have time to tinker and set it up the way you want it, I tune a fair few of them in MX5's, albeit they are a PnP kit so no making your own boards etc.

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