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Been repairing for a while and want to get into improving.

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Hi I'm Brandon Avery, from San Antonio Texas. Been a master tech for BMW for about 4 years now. Actually saving up for a E46 M3 and really wanted some info on the difficulties of tuning a supercharged S54 without completely burning my life savings. As I am contemplating whether to invest in the M3 or an Evo. Trying to have a 500whp sometime in my life and thought I'd start by learning to get my car there myself. I like all cars but tend to lean towards beemer M cars. I have fallen in love since I first started working on them. But the Japanese rally cars really catch my eye as well. Super excited to get started here and meet some well educated people in the field of making cars fast. I am fully willing to accept any advice on the matter at hand.

Welcome to the forum.

If your a master tech I'm sure you'll have already came across the usual short comings of that engine, I can't say I'm clued up on it but one of my good friends is right into his M cars and has turbod one himself.

Would definitely like to know how he got into the DME or what other ecu he used

Originally he bodged around the standard ecu until he took delivery of a Link G4 Xtreme, he's planning on a fully forged build and ecu install at the same time, all the parts are there, he just needs time to put it together

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